All apron sales help senior creatures in need

I'm a donkey. Buy an apron, or donate a vintage or handmade apron to my gallery. The money helps senior creatures around the globe. Love, Pino.

Sell aprons for Pino

Any money collected from Apron Ambassadors will go into the Pino Pie Fund to help old donkeys, goats and other barnyard critters on as need basis.

You can now become a Pino Apron Ambassador!

What this entails is making your own aprons, or finding aprons on your own, and instead of mailing them to Pino, you sell them on your own blog or at events. You get to set the price, keep as much money as you want, send Pino as little or as much as you want. Pino and Apifera use the money to help abused or senior donkeys and animals.

How it works:

- Email me and let me know your link
- I will send you a Pino Ambassador logo for your sidebar
- Make your own aprons, or buy/resell them, set your own price, do your own shipping
- Send as little or as much of the money earned to Pino
- I will post about any sales on Pino's Facebook Fan Page and link you on the sidebar at right.

There is no pressure to sell tons of aprons! Just have some fun with it.