All apron sales help senior creatures in need

I'm a donkey. Buy an apron, or donate a vintage or handmade apron to my gallery. The money helps senior creatures around the globe. Love, Pino.

Donate an apron / Help Pino

2014 UPDATE:

Pino has evolved and so has his wardrobe. We are no longer accepting aprons but we loved each one you sent over the last 7 or 8 years. But you can still help Pino by helping the old and needy Misfits of Apifera with donations or by buying art/books. Thank you to so many of you who sent aprons. Remaining aprons will be sold at Pie Day 2014.

Ways to help Pino and his Pino Pie Day 

- donate money
- send a memory stone for the graveyard of Misfits

- volunteer

- tell your friends 


Donate a small amount of money. I do this all out of pocket. Butter for crust, paper plates and cups, fruit, labor, porta potty, signs, PR - it all adds up. I do it for love, but any tip helps. [Note: Some people prefer to donate money with Paypal or a check]. No one is charged for pie - it is a gift. All money raised is used to help the current Misfits with food, vet care, medicines, hay and special needs.

Volunteer: I need volunteers to help at the actual event, so contact me if interested. 

Memory Stone. If you come to Pie Day you can bring a small stone that will be placed on the graves of former Misfits - the old and adopted barn animals adopted who have now passed on. Most are buried in the pumpkin patch. The old donkey also has a special grave site where we sit.

How did this all start, you ask?

It all started with a broken heart, which led to many wonderful things as broken hearts often do. The pain was well worth the pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow. If you are just too tired to lift your itty bitty finger to 'click' that link above [and if you are tired, you should try to 'click' it because I think it will uplift you in a tiny way] I took a shine to aprons when I moved to the farm - they hold great stuff like eggs and hay twine, and I can wipe the runny nose of an old goat at whim.

I also love to make pie and share it, and one day I took my little donkey, Pino, to a nearby farm, with pie - of course clad in an old apron. It made quite an impression. I shared the story with friends and little Pino started popping up in my art with an apron too. Before you knew it, the donkey was getting aprons in the mail - lots of them. So I decided to put them to good use.

This will be the last year [2014] that aprons are collected and donated at Pino Pie Day! Pino is ready for a change of wardrobe!