All apron sales help senior creatures in need

I'm a donkey. Buy an apron, or donate a vintage or handmade apron to my gallery. The money helps senior creatures around the globe. Love, Pino.

Pino Pie Day

An annual event and fundraiser at Apifera Farm, held in June. Specific date is announced on the blog in spring. 

Pino Pie Day is Saturday, June 15, 2012 11am - 4:00pm
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Free admission [a $5 car donation is suggested], Katherine's homemade [free] pie and donkey hugs. Apifera's lavender and Katherine's art is for sale and net proceeds go to help the farm's senior/needy adopted creatures, "The Misfits" as she calls them.


Pies, donkeys and love all merge into one at Apifera. Once a year, a big pie party is thrown and total strangers come from far away to share farm energy, fresh pie, and donkey hugs. The results are magical. The event raises funds [pie is free, lavender and art and aprons are sold] to help Katherine's favorite adopted senior creatures and for upcoming outreach days at the farm.

How did this all start? Well, it really started before Apifera, with a broken heart. 

Katherine delivered a fresh pie to a nearby farm, with Pino the donkey at her side, and the gesture was so well received, that she realized she had to do it more, as a way to share two things she loved - pie and donkeys. But donkey pie deliveries took a long time, so she realized in one of her more brilliant moments, that she must bring the people to Pino, and share pie and donkey on a larger scale.

Click here to see pictures and posting about Pino and his pies, fun mail he receives and pictures from past Pie Days.

One of Katherine's other missions is to bring the elderly, blind, physically challenged to Apifera to have healing times with donkeys and pie. In 2013-2014, plans are underway to make a specific undercover workshop area where people/children can come and draw the barn animals. I'm sure pie will be served.