All apron sales help senior creatures in need

I'm a donkey. Buy an apron, or donate a vintage or handmade apron to my gallery. The money helps senior creatures around the globe. Love, Pino.

Pino's helping donkeys!

UPDATE 10.22.2010 We did it!! We raised OVER $500 [and another $250 at Pie Day]. Thank you to donations and art buyers for helping us get there.

Pino collected money to help Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in California transport abused donkeys to a permanent home in Texas, all the way from California. They have leased land, where the donkeys will remain free and safe, and cared for, forever. These donkeys have been abused, neglected and often abandoned to survive on their own.

You can go directly to the special fundraising page at the donkey rescue site and donate.